alarm systems

Alarm systems 

Did you know some smoke alarms are connected to your alarm system.

  • here is a example of homes in hope island near Fairway Boulevard which smoke alarms install are currently repairing there alarm system of faults from smoke alarms connected to there security alarm system which is also connected to the security gate at the front office.
  • These systems are fantastic for large estates like hope island & sovereign island the benefits are lower insurance cover and better home security.
  • Alarm systems run on low voltage system with back to base system allowing you to see which alarm is affected and fast diagnose where the fire is coming from.
  • The picture below this type of Smoke alarm system is designed to provide early warning of developing fires for occupants of residential buildings. below is a photoelectric smoke detector that is specifically 
  • designed for open area protection. These multi-voltage, 4 wire smoke alarms can be connected to many third-party devices such as security alarm systems and access control systems. They are supplied complete with  9 Volt DC back-up battery

Please See the diagram on 2 types of models hope island area have.

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