first alert smoke detector

First Alert Smoke Detector

When it comes to detecting smoke, smoulder or fires at first you need approved smoke alarms that alerting you at first appearance of smoke so that your family is safe.First Alert

We recommend calling us your friendly local  electrician to install approved smoke alarms. With wide range of detectors for all types of homes from hope island homes that are connected to the alarm system to hard wired homes connected to mains power such as 240 volts.

At Smoke Alarms Install we can offer a large variety of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Help us protect home in your suburb by installing a First Alert smoke and carbon monoxide detector to ensure that your TOWN home and family are safe.

Did you know that Ionization Smoke Alarms are no longer legal in Queensland, so if your SUBURB home or office has one of these installed, allow us to replace it with the latest legal First Alert Photo Electric and Carbon Monoxide detector which will also incorporate the latest smoke alarm system.

We will be in your soon, so contact us for a free estimate.

Our smoke alarms come with the ability to interconnect with the rest of the smoke alarms.

Interconnect alarms allow your smoke alarms in a emergency to alert at first way before the smoke and fire is to heavy. 

Are you in need of smoke alarms ?Image result for 5 star service

Smoke alarms install’s are here to provide:

  • On the spot Affordable estimate
  •  Reliable brands & approved detectors
  • Fast services with a cleanliness can do attitude
  • 5 year warranty 
  • 12 months in house warranty with Us

Any chirps, squeaks or beeps, we will replace on the same day you call.

Talk To our friendly staff 1300 507 795

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