hard wired smoke alarms

Hard Wired Smoke Alarm 

Smoke alarms installations

Smoke Alarms Installations Gold Coast

Smoke alarms installations are here to hard wire all your smoke alarm requirement.

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whats services we provide 

  • 240 Volts Smoke Alarms approved by Queensland regulations

  • Interlinked to each smoke alarm 
  • Battery back up  
  • 5 year warranty 
  • Photo electric
  • 12 months in house warranty 
  • On the spot estimates
  • Vacuumed cleaned all area we install the smoke alarms
  • Zero dust 
  • Certificates on completion
  • Free instructions on how to operate your smoke alarm 
  •  24/7 service
  • Safety inspection on all installation of existing switch boards.
  • Link to Queensland Government (www.qld.gov.au)

Other Services we provide 

Smoke alarm battery replacementsImage result for rta qld smoke

Solutions for smoke alarm positions and why we need them.

carbon monoxide detectors/ smoke alarms

Smoke detectors & types we provide. 

Home alarm/ smoke alarm repairs and maintenance

yearly checks  

Hot water test and repairs 

Down light installations

Switch Board safety test & inspections


To all new customers we welcome you to our head office at Creative Electrical Services   whom ensure’s smoke alarm installations are correctly and compliant with the latest equipment. Call us today for a free estimate.



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