kidde smoke alarm

Kidde smoke detectors 

Queensland customers smoke alarms install are here to install all types of smoke alarm from:

Mains connected Photo electric smoke alarms that are approved by Queensland regulations or carbon monoxide detectors for that extra safety measure to ensure your kitchen & home is safe.

Did you know cooking with a gas cook top could leak gasses throughout your house when your alseep.

Carbon monoxide smoke alarms are here to ensure your oxygen level are normal. 

Carbon monoxide detector

Gasses & low oxygen level are nearly undetectable when your at home. Symptoms could be drowsiness, vertigo & many other medical problems that your unaware of.

Call us today for your installation of Carbon Monoxide Smoke alarms 1300 507 795 or click call direct fast and reliable.


  Smoke alarms installs are proud to install smoke alarms.

Our electrician are trained to install your smoke alarms in the correct positions and with new equipment we are quick and clean so that all our customer can go about there business for the rest of the day.

Smoke alarms installations

Smoke Alarms Installations Gold Coast

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