smoke alarm beeping

Smoke Alarm Beeping

Is your smoke alarm in Carrara making noises late at night well smoke alarms install’s are here to save the day.

Did you know the most common symptoms from beeping are low battery.

Well the great news is that your smoke alarm is operating correctly and just requires new batteries.

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How we recommend servicing your smoke alarms

  • Remove all batteries to each smoke alarm.
  • Then install all new ones 
  • Once you have done so hit the hush button generally in the centre of your smoke alarm 
  • Wait 30 Minuit if beeping continues before call us your favourite smoke alarm installer try
  • Vacuuming the smoke detector around the edge of your smoke alarm.
  • Then push the hush button one more time 
  • Ok great now you are all set 

Ow No its still beeping

OK now you have realised this hasn’t stopped your smoke alarm from chirping well your best bet is to call us.

1300 507 795

Common reason why your smoke alarm is no longer working! 

  • Out of date yes this is common after 10 years you will require to have them replaced.
  • Ionisation smoke alarms are commonly faulty to which they are no longer legal in Queensland
  • Weak connection on the mains side commonly know for lights flicker is a sign showing you that there loose connection why? 
  • Power running through Queensland homes are high voltage such as 240 volts it is common for power surges to loosen up the connection.
  • loose connection can cause low voltage reading it common to find many heritage listed home and 10 year old homes with loose connections.
  • lighting strikes yes this can affect your home as added bonus smoke alarms installs provides additional service installing surge protection.
  • Rainy weather & high winds cause the power lines to sway in doing so you will find your lights can flicker from low voltage and high voltage strike.
  • speaker wires close to power & lighting circuits can cause an influx of frequency as all electrician on gold coast abide by the law there are small section of home that we have found where they are just to close.Image result for 5 star service

Why we inspect your ceiling!


  • Inspecting ceiling spaces is important to insure all gold coast homes are safe from electrical hazards.
  • commonly we find 1 to 2 electrical problems such as down lights to close to smoke alarms.
  • exposed cables joins 
  • chewed up cables from vermin/ mouses and ants 
  • audio and tv cables close to electrical cables 
  • exposed roof tiles and water damage 

As smoke alarms installs are your 5 star rating electrical serviceman we welcome all new and existing clients to call us.

  • Free estimates over the phone 
  • Same day services 
  •  5 year warranty on smoke alarm products

  • 12 months in house warranty with us so any squawks chirps and beeping noises automatic replacements one call one direction
  • 5 star service with all dust cleaned with vacuum cleaner  


Smoke Alarms Installation

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