smoke alarm warrantys


Smoke Alarm Installs are proud to provide great services and fantastic warranty’s on all our smoke alarms Gold Coast Wide.

For all smoke alarm installations we carry 12 months warranty on the installation and a smoke alarm certificate on the day.

Within the first 12 months if the smoke alarm chirps squeaks, or gives false alarms we replace them under Smoke Alarm Installs Warranty.

Smoke Alarm Installs provides the best quality smoke alarms which we trust and know are approved by Queensland regulations. 

The brands we supply have been tested and approved Australia wide and carry amazing 5 year warranty so even after
Smoke Alarm Installs Warranty has expired all you need is our invoice.

With a quick phone call to
Smoke Alarm Installs we can email you a second copy for you to send to the company brand we provided you on the day we installed them.

once you email them they will send there service man out to test and repair or replace your smoke alarm within the first 5 years of installment.

Why choose Creative Electrical Services QLD: 

  • only company with inside warranty of 12 months guaranteed
  • fast installments, reliable brands
  • On time with a smile
  •  estimate over the phone 
  • outstanding customer services


if you have any queries please call us today 

Most common Questions 

The types of smoke alarms we carry and what the differences:

  • All smoke alarms are Photo Electric
  • 5 year warranty 
  • 240 volt mains connected 
  •  9 volt battery back connected to 240 volts 
  • 10 Year Rechargeable battery back up  connected 240 volts
  • 10 year non removable battery smoke alarms 
  • interconnected smoke alarms allows the smoke alarms to talk to each other over electrical cables 
  • wireless smoke alarms with interconnect to your existing smoke alarms 

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