smoke alarm solutions

Smoke Alarm Solutions

Smoke alarms are the most important part of your home. If you are looking for expert in Carrara area for new and innovating products to have install.

Then Smoke Alarms Installs has solutions for you.


Recently we installed new smoke alarm in Pappas way with our additional solutions for smoke alarms and safety switch’s they are now approved by there home insurance company  


There many types of Smoke alarms that all have different functions such as

Clipsal Photo Electric smoke detectors

  • 240 volts main connected with 9 volt battery back up
  • 240 volts mains connected with 10 year rechargeable battery back up
  • 10 year non removable lithium battery smoke alarm  

Clipsal additional solutions for wireless basses will allow homes to be installed cheaper.

The reason is! You are now able to have your existing smoke alarms installed with addition wireless base.

This is so you can connect the new 10 year non removable lithium battery smoke alarms to your existing 240 volt mains connected smoke alarms allowing the wireless interlinking capability.

As of 2022 all rental property need to interlinked and installed in every bedroom with clipsal solutions of wireless base connection it has aloud smoke alarms installations to apply cheaper estimates over the phone and on site prices that we all enjoy.  

PSA Smoke alarms Solutions 


PSA is world recognised brand just like clipsal that allows new and improved products to keep your home safe and covered by home insurance.

PSA smoke alarm solutions 

PSA Photo electric 9 volt battery back up with 240 volt mains connected 

PSA Photo Electric 10 year non removable lithium battery smoke alarm

PSA Wireless base 240 volts mains connections allows existing smoke alarms to wireless interlink to your existing smoke alarms 




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For free advice hotline call 1300 507 795   


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