Smoke Alarms Installers Queensland

Smoke Alarm Installers Queensland

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smoke alarms installers

Smoke Alarm Installers are moving forward into 2020. Are you ready for the new Smoke Alarm law’s in rental property? These changes will come into affect by 2022 which means, all customers should be thinking now before the laws come into affect. They affect home safety and home insurance. With this imminent change, properties in Queensland may cause a shortage of qualified electricians licensed to install them, so why wait, call us today and take advantage of our winter specials.

As the proud owners of Smoke Allarm Installation, our team would love to show you all the new changes we have done this year. This website is built in collaboration with Creative Electrical services QLD. As our company name implies, Creative Electrical Services QLD.

We have dedicated this Website to all new customers seeking smoke alarm installations.

There is high chance you might of seen our Smoke Alarm Installers van driving on the highway or in Mudgeerabra. Recently we removed and installed new smoke alarms for customer in Langport parade. Her house was a single story building that suddenly had smoke alarms going of at 2 am in the morning. After installing her new compliant smoke alarms we explained how to operate her new smoke alarm and what to do in an emergency if the smoke alarm goes off and how to avoid those sleepless nights.

Our recommendations can help each and every client on the Gold Coast. As your local Electricians in Carrara, we take great pride arriving on time and installing your compliant alarms that will protect your home for a long time to come.

Why choose us 

  • 12 months in house warranty for any false chirps, squeaks or alarms.
  • Same day Services 
  • Quality parts Installed
  • Gold Coast licensed installer No.75911 

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Dear telemarketers we appreciate your support and we kindly ask that you leave a email for any inquiries as we have our dedicated phone lines is for customers who seek our services in smoke alarm installations and emergency calls.

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