Testing Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarm Installs  

Our Smoke Alarm Installs trades carry a can of CRC spray with Every test to ensure that all owner’s and tenants are safe by testing the smoke alarms ensuring it will functions properly.

Most Smoke alarms model  will require a qualified electrician to carry out all installations of your new photoelectric smoke alarm’s.

when our trades test smoke alarms annually they are licensed electrical contractor as added bonus when finishing each job whether its testing them annually or installing new smoke alarms in the carrara area we supply a Certificate after each job.

The certificates last 12 months and allows home owner to sell there property within these dates. 

Smoke Alarm Installs insure’s all Rental Homes are tested every 12 months with a certificate from your us.

The regulations are changing each year so to ensure your home will be covered by fire’s book today for free estimate. 

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It is also mandatory after each old tenant has moved out of your rental home to be tested by a qualified electrician Book today for Smoke Alarm Installs. 

CRC Aerosol Can spray is well recommended  for Smoke Testing for its convenient with tests the functional ability of a smoke detector. 

CRC Smoke Test can be sprayed while standing on the floor eliminating the need to climb ladders or chairs.  
CRC Smoke Test is ideal for residential or commercial detectors and is safe and easy to use. 

A short 3 second burst of CRC Smoke Test is all it takes.  In addition, CRC Smoke checks for obstructions or debris which clog detector vents and prevent smoke from properly entering the sensing chamber. 


  • Simulates Smoke.  Provides a true, functional test for smoke detectors.
  • Aerosol Spray Extends User Reach up to 1 meter. 
  • No Harmful Residue.  Smokeless aerosol assures that detectors will remain in proper working order after each test without build-up of carbon residue.
  • Plastic Safe.  Will not damage plastic housing or internal circuitry.
  • Non-Staining.  Will not discolour painted ceilings, walls or smoke detectors.
  • No Class 1 or Class II Ozone Depleting Chemicals.  Offers superior performance while complying with regulations on use of CFCs.
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