Clipsal SD100 Ionistion Smoke Alarms

What model Smoke alarm do I have in my house ?

Clipsal Smoke alarms have been installed all over Australia they have been known to have the best reputations on quality parts throughout Australia. 

For many years all our local electricians have been recommended to use the SD 100 Smoke Alarms.

What’s changed in the past few years?

All smoke alarms as of last year in Queensland have been changed to ban all ionisation smoke alarms.

The reason ionisation smoke alarms have been band is because they react to dust particles which causes false alarms. 

Ionisation smoke alarms are unsafe due to false alarms & for this reason some homes in Queensland have burnt down with No warning from the smoke alarms.

It is critical for all homes and commercial buildings to have smoke alarms that operate correctly.

smoke alarms are there to warn you before the smoke build up to high & open flames will set the smoke alarms off.

We recommend new Photo Electric smoke alarms that will save you and your family in time before the smoke is to strong. 

Other Reason ionisation smoke alarms are band.

They also carry harmful substances in the smoke alarm that are radioactive for this reason we recommend calling us to inspect your home for free estimate. 

New Smoke Alarm Law’s

All Smoke alarms must be replaced every 10 years to insure all home in Queensland & gold Coast are safe.

All Smoke Alarms must be Photo Electric

All Smoke alarms must either be 

240 Volt’s interconnected with minimum 9 volt battery back 

or 10 year non removable lithium battery & interlinked to each smoke alarm

As of this year clipsal has brought out new model smoke alarms that are ideal such as 10 year 240 volt rechargable battery back up smoke alarms with interlinking capability’s.

Interlinking meaning – each smoke alarm in your home needs to be able to talk to each other to allow all family members and pets warning in time.

This means if the fire or smoke starts in the kitchen down stairs the smoke alarms up stairs will start operating straight away.

Smoke Alarms installs are here to keep all Gold coast homes safer at affordable prices. 

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See below User manual on Clipsal SD 100 Smoke alarms Ionisation how to recognise what type of smoke alarms is in your home.


Clipsal SD 100 Ionisation Smoke Alarm

Clipsal SD 100 Ionisation Smoke alarms

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